aimm is a company built on a record of quality innovative service that has set new standards for media creation and distribution. AIMM began operations in 1994 servicing national and regional general media distribution in multiple retail channels. It has leveraged that experience to include all current and emerging technologies for distribution of media content. The company has direct award-winning experience in the magazine industry, standard radio and television,
and, more recently, digital direct satellite and webcasting aimed at personal computers, wi-fi devices, telephones, iPods and other emerging platforms.

aimm led the efforts of the United States Fire Administration to transition from traditional, small-scale expensive satellite distribution to limited audiences into a global content distribution system. The aimm redesigned technical facility supported production and content distribution to provide life- and property-saving information to anyone anywhere on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security. In the private sector, aimm designed and implemented the enabling marketing strategy that spearheaded the growth of FLORIDA DESIGN magazine from a high quality local product to an international bestseller at retail.

A culture of diversity fuels the environment where innovation and creativity flourish. Our select business associates and partners are experienced in both crafting and delivering effective communications using print, video, voice and Internet strategies. aimm’s executive and professional staff ensure that our client’s broadcast and marketing messages are precise and have the recognized creativity that achieves the intended result. We merge art and technology into solutions that are both informative and engaging and always effective.


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