AIMM Attends GSFC Fall Reception (2017)

AIMM is a proud sponsor of the Maryland Space Business Roundtable. The Maryland Space Business Roundtable (MSBR) is a nonprofit organization for aerospace and technology businesses, universities, and individuals in Maryland as well as the surrounding national capital region that share a mutual interest in promoting a robust space community. The Roundtable provides a common ground for these companies to meet, interact, learn, and act on initiatives for future growth.

Last night, the AIMM team enjoyed the GSFC Fall Reception at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, which is cosponsored by NASA and features a space science presentation at our nation’s premier space museum. NASA scientists, whose work is enabled by the MSBR community, offer their discoveries on our Sun, the solar system, planet Earth, and the universe that surrounds us.  Senior NASA officials attend along with Legislative members and staff.



For more about AIMM please visit:

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